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    WeGames Corp. (WeGames) was established in 2013 with a developer background for more than 16 years. Members in our executive management have witnessed and experienced the raise of gaming and the advance of technology. Under their leaderships, WeGames is a fast market adapter to focus on mobile/handheld gaming and positioned on both developing and publishing.
    Our game development team is the largest part of the company. Those great minds specialize in arpg, card, social, and growing games. They are highly productive and creative. Hence WeGames is able to release IP games while developing own content.
    Our publishing and operating teams know the Chinese spoken market and its audiences. They usually get assess to games on the early developing stage. With their professional opinions, the game can be tuned and localized to fit the target market and will acquire players within optimal timeframe. In their most recent work-Pili Heroes. It has received more than 1.5million downloads in Taiwan solely and with cumulative revenue of 11million (USD) in 4months.
    WeGames currently has a workforce comprised of approximate 100 marketing strategists, designers, programmers, developers and project managers. All of which were contributed to our brand reputation and today's mobile/handheld entertaining excellency.