Knights of Valour OL
Role  ⁄   Developed Product Type  ⁄   Action Card Game Description  ⁄   Knights of Valour OL is authorized by IGS. The first action card mobile game made of three kingdoms.
The Innovative fighting skills break through the traditional style and make great battling. Advance your heroes, let the retro game add new flavor.
Now is the time! Knights of Valour OL will lead you to restore the love of Knights of Valour Arcade and fight again.


●Authentic Knights of Valour IP
The first ever Knights of Valour on mobile

●Combo hitting
Innovative fighting system, the heroes release the attack through the halo. Feel the win by combo hit.

●Team PVP battle
Differ from traditional gameplay; 6v6 brings the fight to a whole new level.

●Rich simulation system
So many can be cultivated, no limit no boundary.
Achievements  ⁄