RO. Eternal Love
Role  ⁄   Publish Product Type  ⁄   RPG Description  ⁄   Description: 《RO. Eternal Love》 is loyal to the classic. It not only enhance the original but create new adventure. Let’s get to make new memory!

●Perfect reconstruction of classic scenes
The true inheritance of RO, reproduced refined scenes and lovely elements. The new climate system is on line to bring you a real adventure experience!

●Camera System! Record memories anytime
Unique camera system could capture memorable appearance of slaying monsters, cast different spells and listening the music with friends.

●Mercenary assistant
Different mercenary cat type could fit appropriate professional. They are your great partner!

●Dress up remarkable style
Variety of fashion, create your own style!

●Big social family
Whether it is making the team, chatting or adventure together, we are a family.

●Competitive mode, show your strength!
Single throughout, 5v5 and team battle modes.
Choose your best to show great power!

●Lovely design make you joyful
The game is fulfill with emotion styling. Trouble maker tools, transform scrolls, flirtation goods, hand in hand system as well as lovely expressions. It couldn’t help you be stronger but could make you better memories.

●Belongs our story
To take polly balloon and sky wheel. To make missions and hand running. To play a prank on lovers. Belongs our emotional action. It’s our story!
Achievements  ⁄