Time to kill
Role  ⁄   Publish Product Type  ⁄   Communication Description  ⁄   Description:《Time to kill》is a game of interactive communication between multiplayer. Focus on the expression of skills and analyze the situation.
● Spectator Mode!
Unique system let you watch and join the master of intrigues immediately.

● Start and play immediately!
Experience kinds of characters instantly by six players.

● Competitive ranking!
Show your great quick-witted and logic. Be the werewolf king.

●Classic sheriff rules! No interruptions.
The sheriff system allows you to enjoy the fun of classic werewolves without interruptions.

●Variety elements!
Minister, werewolf, knight, animal and trouble maker. Special roles make you fun!

●Convenient global channel!
The first global channel is in the Time to kill. Make your connection with others easier.
Achievements  ⁄