Pili X
Role  ⁄   Developed Product Type  ⁄   Role play Description  ⁄   《Pili X》is the first animation cartoon game of pili series. It’s back to bei yu that yin chuan hu tieh chun, Yi Jian Feng Chan and Jian Xie Jian Hsueh Wu Ming showing up and becoming new “ tao chien chin san chiao” in north wulin. On the other hand, Chu Shou Chin Yin Deng Jiou Wu and hei an chih chien yeh chung sheng try to make some trouble to create new havoc. Heroes teamed up to reverse the disadvantages and coordinate with tao chien chin san chiao to rescue the crisis.

●It reproduced new art into pili style
Pili X used the latest animation with realistic figure and cartoon vision to represent new generation of pili characters.

●Pili Jian Zong showing classic on mobile
Pili X uses a special RTM, director editing technology, and a simple introduction to perform Pili Jian Zong. From enter to final, there are full RTM and the next chapter, the breakpoints inherited the previous chapter for those players who never know pili history could easily understand what’s going on.

●Stunning effects from battle
The performance and operation skills are great and varied. Each hero has own personality and different attack. The decision is in your hand be common or high-end.

●Team PVP battle real time
Differ from previous gameplay of pili series, Pili X PVP is in real-time. Let’s fight and survival to be the last stand!

●Authentic theme songs of pili.
Every hero has own personal song. The player can choose one favorite to play music in mobile. Original scenes and heroes will bring you the best memory.
Achievements  ⁄