Disney Tsum Tsum Land
Role  ⁄   Publish Product Type  ⁄   puzzle block remover Description  ⁄   This game is part of Disney's "Tsum Tsum" series. Players will be able to collect different characters and use their unique skills to gain a higher score during stages. The game also features a Leaderboard and a variety of minigames for players to explore.

●Classic Disney Them park scenes
The game is more Disney theme park focused, with areas based on classic attractions like the Haunted Mansion, It’s a Small World and Mickey's House.
There will be a variety of Tsum Tsum wearing a park original costume also appeared!

●Let’s clear the stage by erasing a lot of bubbles!
Take the time carefully to erase the bubbles! When you put the same puzzles together, the bubble will disappear! Use strategic tips and props to get high scores! After passed it and you also have Tsum Tsum chance to get more bonus!

●Disney parade
Build a shop and listen to Tsum Tsum’s request! Completing the request and you will get parade point. When player reach the conditions, they will get the super gorgeous and pleasing electronic float parade.
Find more hidden gameplay and maybe you can advance the game favorably.

●Shared happiness is more enjoyable
So much fun and interesting activities that inviting friends together to complete the bingo, popular attractions are appearing one after another on stage!
Design and how to play is different for each attraction with your friends!

●Photo with lovely Tsum Tsum
The mobile has built-in camera, which provides players and Tsum Tsum to create memories. Except player could use photo to write the diary, they also can take more fun videos with Tsum Tsum.
Achievements  ⁄