Yun Shang YuYi
Role  ⁄   Publish Product Type  ⁄   3D Dress Up Description  ⁄   《Yun Shang YuYi》 is a 3D dress up game. Other than dress up and being beautiful, a romantic system is used as a side kick towards to saving worlds in a parallel universe. User is acting YuYi in the game. Yuyi is designated to find the right companion in each world to redirect its fate.

Game Feaures

Different worlds, different faces
A wardrobe you can only dreamed of. Show the styles.

Voice Over
Enjoy the game world through more senses, feeling the character and her romances.

The Destination
Meet the guys, find the right one, follow your heart.

With different faces and looking to fit in different worlds and situations.

Design your own style and make yourself stand out.

Capture the moments when you are dresses as well as being touched.

The Display
Beyond imagination, the graphic is very much reflect it is in the real world.

The networking
Share and compete with your friends to extend your social life to the cyber world.
Achievements  ⁄